"The grass withers, the flowers fade, But the Word of our God shall stand forever"
(Isaiah 40:8, A Long Love Letter).

Who We Are:
Word Ministries is an inter-denominational Christian organization.  For over 25 years
Word Ministries has been dispersing the Word of God all over the world using Volunteer
laborers who joyfully choose to help us.  We will distribute Bibles or funds for Bibles,
through churches, ministries and individuals.  Through faithful prayers and donations
hundreds of thousands of Bibles, in many different languages, have been given to the
four corners of this earth.
Just as the rain and the snow come down from the heavens and
do not return without watering the earth, soaking it and making it fertile and fruitful, making
it give growth and yield, making it sprout and bud and bring forth fruit that it
might give seed for the sower and grain and bread for the hungry - it is the same
with My Word. It shall not return to Me void, without producing effect or
useless. It shall not return to Me empty, without carrying out My will. It will
do My will, achieving the end, carrying out the purpose and succeeding in what
it was sent to do. My Word never comes back to Me without result but it will
perform and accomplish that which I please and it will prosper in the thing for
which I send it.

My Words do not return to Me without doing everything I send them to do.
They will never return to Me unfulfilled or before having carried out My good pleasure
and having completed the mission they were sent to do. The Words I speak will make the
things happen that I want to happen. My promises will never be fruitless or in vain.
My Words will accomplish what I want and achieve all that I send them to do
(Isaiah 55: 10-11, A Long Love Letter).
Word Ministries
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Bulverde, TX 78163 USA
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"Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Your Word is a flashlight to light the path ahead of me and keep me from stumbling. By Your Word, I can see where I'm going. It throws a beam of light on my dark path! (Psalm 119:105, A Long Love Letter)"
"Without faith, it is
impossible to please God
because anyone who
comes near to Him must
believe that He exists and
that He rewards those
who diligently seek Him.  
You must have faith that
He will reveal Himself to
all, who draw near to
Him (Hebrews 11:6, A
Long Love Letter)."
We are fellow workman - laborers together - with and for God.  I Cor. 3:9